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Hitachi - ZX350LC-5 / ZX350LCN-5
ZX350LC-5 / ZX350LCN-5
Modelis ZX350LC-5 / ZX350LCN-5
Dzinējs 202 kW (271 HP)
Darba svars (kg) 34 000 - 35 300
Kauss (m³) 1.40 - 2.00
Max. rakšanas dziļums (mm) 6 040 - 7 380
Kausa rakšanas spēks (kN) 246


The design of the new Hitachi ZAXIS 350 medium excavator is inspired by one aim – empower your vision. It delivers on five key levels: performance, productivity, comfort, durability and reliability.

We recognise that fleet owners require high-quality, efficient machines that can work effectively, even in challenging conditions. We also realise that operators need a safer, user-friendly work space, and a machine that can respond to their skills with speed and precision.

And to achieve a satisfying result, on time, on budget and to a high standard, we have aimed to maximise availability of the new ZAXIS 350 with easy maintenance features and the Hitachi Support Chain after-sales programme.

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