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Hitachi - ZW180PL-5
Modelis ZW180PL-5
Celtspēja (kg) 15 470 - 15 670
Dzinējs 126 kW (169HP)
Kauss (m³) 2.5 - 3.0
Atraušanās spēks (kN) 101 - 120
Statiskais izgāšanas svars (kg) 10 530 - 10 960


The new Hitachi ZW180PL-5 provides parallel movement from ground level. Perfect for loading and unloading items with increased load control. In terms of productivity, comfort, advanced technology, environmental performance and maintenance, it delivers on all levels. It not only meets our customers’ expectations of high-quality, reliable machines, but also provides operators with a safer working environment, a comfortable cab with easy-to-use controls, and overall, a machine that responds quickly and precisely. To ensure optimum availability of the new ZW180PL-5, we have incorporated easy maintenance features into its design. We also offer the flexible Hitachi Support Chain after-sales programme to customers who wish to further enhance its uptime and protect their investment.

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