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Hitachi - HITACHI ZX38U-5
Modelis ZX38U-5
Dzinējs 21.2 kW (28.4 HP)
Darba svars (kg) 3960
Kauss (m³) 0.10
Max. rakšanas dziļums (mm) 3 460
Kausa rakšanas spēks (kN) 27.1


We know that the productivity and efficiency of your equipment have a direct impact on the profitability of your business. So we developed the ZX38U-5 to be fast, powerful and fuel-efficient. An advanced energy-saving system combines the ECO mode, auto idle and isochronous control features to significantly reduce fuel consumption. It also brings the additional benefits of lower noise levels and emissions. The new engine is paired with an electric governor, and working with the efficient hydraulic system, it ensures that this mini excavator works with less fuel than the previous Zaxis model (15% less in PWR mode), while maintaining high levels of productivity.


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