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Hitachi - HITACHI ZX33U-5
Modelis ZX33U-5
Dzinējs 21.2 kW (28.4 HP)
Darba svars (kg) 3 720
Kauss (m³) 0.08
Max. rakšanas dziļums (mm) 3 130
Kausa rakšanas spēks (kN) 27.2 kN


If you feel happy and relaxed while you work, then you’re going to be more productive. So we developed the ZX33U-5 with a number of improvements to the cab, including a larger door and front window, and user-friendly controls on the LCD monitor. The maintenance features of the mini excavator have been designed to save you time as well as money. Routine checks and cleaning are quick and easy, thanks to the accessible covers and conveniently arranged inspection points.


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