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Hitachi - HITACHI ZX26U-5
Modelis ZX26U-5
Dzinējs 14.5 kW (19.4 HP)
Darba svars (kg) 2 720
Kauss (m³) 0.08
Max. rakšanas dziļums (mm) 2 730
Kausa rakšanas spēks (kN) 22.3


Like all Zaxis-5 mini excavators, the ZX26U-5 is designed to be user-friendly. So if you’re a first-time user of the machine, or hiring it for a particular project, you’ll find the controls and hydraulic pilot levers easy to master. Noise levels are lower than other brands of mini excavators, allowing you to work more comfortably. The enlarged front window offers you an improved view of the job site, and the entrance step has been lowered to provide easier access. Maintenance is also straightforward, thanks to convenient features including: the easy access engine and radiator covers, and a redesigned tank cover.


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