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Hitachi - ZW150-5
Modelis ZW150-5
Dzinējs 113 kW (152 HP)
Darba svars (kg) 11 850 - 12 450
Kauss (m³) 1.9 - 2.3
Atraušanās spēks (kN) 96.1 - 108.5
Statiskais izgāšanas svars (kg) 9 320 - 9 440


The new Hitachi ZW150-5 wheel loader has been designed with one aim in mind: empowering your vision. In terms of productivity, comfort, advanced technology, environmental performance and maintenance, it delivers on all levels. It not only meets our customers’ expectations of high-quality, reliable machines, but also provides operators with a safer working environment, a comfortable cab with easy-to-use controls, and overall, a machine that responds quickly and precisely.

To ensure optimum availability of the new ZW150-5, we have incorporated easy maintenance features into its design. We also offer the flexible Hitachi Support Chain after-sales programme to customers who wish to further enhance its uptime and protect their investment.

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